Speakers and moderators

Paweł Adamów
Deputy Mayor of the City of Konin

An expert in the field of local government with 12 years of experience in local government administration. He graduated in the areas of local government administration, local government finances, and also has an MBA degree. Paweł has several years of experience in the work of the Polish Cities Association, Joint Committee of the Government and Local Government, the Senate Team for Public Finance, and the Public Debate Forum for Local Government to the President of the Republic of Poland. He was appreciated and honored by the Ministry of Finance for his work in the area of local government finances. Since 2018, the Vice President of the City of Konin responsible for economic matters, including topics related to the development of the energy cluster.

Łukasz Bartela
Associate Professor Eng., Silesian University of Technology

Employee of the Department of Power Engineering and Turbomachinery at the Silesian University of Technology. He specializes in technologies supporting decarbonization processes in the commercial power industry. His research is focused mainly on the issues of hybrid energy storage systems. He conducts analyzes of the potential use of the infrastructure of coal-fired power plants as part of nuclear investments. He is the project manager of the DEsire project, as a result of which a plan to decarbonize domestic coal units is to be developed through the use of generation III and IV nuclear reactors. An expert in the field of energy storage and hydrogen energy. Author of over 100 peer-reviewed publications and several inventions. Participant in many conferences and panel discussions.

Adam Błażowski

Twitter: @adamblazowski
Email: adam.blazowski@fota4climate.org

Engineer, journalist, involved in energy efficiency topics for 15 years, advising on Smart City, CleanTech, distributed renewable energy and nuclear energy. He also deals with climate activism, with particular emphasis on deep decarbonisation of the economy (i.e. electricity, transport, agriculture, heating). Together with a group of nature conservation specialists, he promotes pragmatic ecology, based on evidence and the best available scientific knowledge, as part of the FOTA4Climate Foundation.

Jerzy Buzek
Member of the European Parliament continuously since 2004.

In 2009-2012 he was the President of the European Parliament, being the first and only head of this institution from Central and Eastern Europe. In the current 9th term of the EP, he is a member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE). Currently, he is the rapporteur for the key regulation on the EU market for hydrogen, natural gas and renewable gases. In addition, he is leading - on behalf of the European People's Party, the biggest political group in the EP - work on a directive on the same subject. He also managed the work of the EP negotiating team on new regulations on gas storage. At the EP, he was the author of important reports, including amendments to the gas directive, regulation on the security of gas supply or the 7th Framework Program for Research and Innovation. In 2016, the "Euractiv" portal placed him in the "EurActory40" ranking among the three most influential people in the European energy policy. "Member of the European Parliament of the Year" 2006 and 2013, according to the Brussels "The Parliament Magazine". The winner of the "Rzeczpospolita" daily rankings for the best Polish MEP in 2008 and 2018. In the years 1997-2001, Jerzy Buzek was the Prime Minister of the Polish Government, who introduced the reforms of administration, education, health and retirement, and began negotiations regarding Poland's membership in the European Union. He is the Knight of the Order of the White Eagle.

Bożena Horbaczewska
PhD, Assistant Professor, Warsaw School of Economics

Assistant professor at the Department of Economics II, Warsaw School of Economics. Academic lecturer in Economics and Finance, author and co-author of over 30 scientific articles, and expert opinions related among others to economic and financial issues related to nuclear power, as well as business models. She has been involved in the power industry for several years, nuclear power in particular. Head of Postgraduate Studies in Nuclear Power Engineering at the Warsaw School of Economics. Independent consultant for the Department of Nuclear Energy at the Ministry of Climate and Environment. Co-author of the SaHo Model.

Sławomir Krenczyk
Specialist in the field of management, strategic communication, and energy security

Manager, a specialist in the field of management, strategic communication, and energy security. Member of the board of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation and the European Academy of Diplomacy, founder and leader of a consulting and training project called StrategicPoins.pl. Associate of the Warsaw Security Forum and the TOGETAIR climate summit. In the past, he held the function of the president of Enea Foundation and executive director in Bogdanka and Enea. Originally from Łaziska Górne, a graduate of law studies, MBA program, and PR studies. As part of his doctoral studies, he conducts research in the field of crisis communication management strategies in the energy industry

Mark Nelson
Managing Director, Radiant Energy Group Think Tank

Managing Director of the Radiant Energy Group think tank. A graduate of second-cycle studies in the field of nuclear engineering at the University of Cambridge, bachelor studies in the field of mechanical and aerospace engineering, and bachelor studies in the field of Russian language at the University of Oklahoma. He worked as a senior analyst at the Breakthrough Institute in Oakland, California, and Los Alamos National Laboratories in New Mexico. His clean energy analytical work has been cited in Reuters, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and other international newspapers. He recently discussed nuclear safety in Ukraine in television appearances with CNBC and Bloomberg, and was also quoted in articles on the same topic in Bloomberg and the BBC. Co-author of the report entitled “Repowering Coal

Karolina Mucha – Kuś
PhD, Director of the Projects and Investments Department, Górnośląsko - Zagłębiowska Metropolia

She gained her first professional experience in the Vattenfall Group, then in the TAURON Group. A graduate of doctoral studies at the University of Economics in Katowice and post-graduate studies at the AGH University of Science and Technology in the fields of "Gas Market" and "Nuclear Power Engineering". In the Metropolis, she is responsible for the implementation of projects such as E-mobility, Construction of hydrogen refueling stations, GZM Data Store, Solidarity Fund, Purchasing Groups (electricity, gas, electric cars, fuels), Bicycle-Friendly Metropolis (Metropolitan Bike, Bike Highways). Assistant professor at the WSB University in Dąbrowa Górnicza.

Tomasz Nowacki
PhD, Director of the Nuclear Energy Department, Ministry of Climate and Environment

Legal counsel, Director of the Department of Nuclear Energy at the Ministry of Climate and Environment, member of the Council for Nuclear Safety and Radiological Protection. Co-author of Polish nuclear regulations, with several years of experience in creating and applying the nuclear energy law in Poland and internationally. The department he heads is responsible, among others, for communication and educational activities of the government administration in the field of nuclear power in Poland.

Justyna Piszczatowska


Adam Rajewski
Expert on nuclear energy projects

A graduate of the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology. For 12 years now he has been an employee of the Institute of Thermal Technology of the Warsaw University of Technology, where he has worked on the issues of nuclear power, high-efficiency cogeneration, and low-emission energy systems. Co-author of reports on the ability of the Polish industry to participate in the construction of nuclear power facilities. Outside the university, he works as an expert on nuclear power projects in a large engineering and construction company. Vice president of the board of the nuclear.pl Foundation, where he manages  educational  activities and initiatives raising awareness of nuclear power.

Łukasz Sawicki
Chief Specialist, Ministry of Climate and Environment

Nuclear sector analyst, Chief Specialist for Strategy and Economic Analysis of the Nuclear Sector at the Department of Nuclear Energy at the Ministry of Climate and Environment. Associated with the nuclear industry since 2006, he has been working for the Department of Nuclear Energy since 2010. Specialist on economic issues related to nuclear energy, including business models. Author of about 20 publications on the economics of nuclear energy and the impact of the nuclear industry on the Polish economy. Co-author of the SaHo Model.

Andrzej P. Sikora
PhD Eng., CEO of The Energy Studies Institute

A graduate of AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków; completed training at the School of Banking in Vienna and the University of Southern California, Jackson, Mississippi, USA (USID scholarship). He also completed the Storewars course at INSEAD in France. In the years 1994-1997 he was a director of the BGŻ Bank, branch in Tarnów, and Director of the Key Accounts Department in Warsaw. In the years 1997-2001, he held the function of Vice-President of the Management Board, Finance and Trade, and Director of the Key Accounts Department at Sokołów S.A. In 2002 he joined PKN ORLEN. As an Executive Director he was responsible for the optimization of production assets, including the project to purchase shares and debt of Unipetrol Holding a.s., as well as for trading in electricity and natural gas. Since 2007, a co-owner and CEO of Instytut Studiów Energetycznych Sp. z o.o. Author of over 100 peer-reviewed publications, monthly articles, and comments for CIRE [Energy Market Information Center] and Biznes Alert. Participant in numerous conferences, also as a co-organizer and moderator of discussion panels

Joanna Szostek
Deputy Director Communication and Stakeholder’s Management Division, Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe Sp. z o.o.

Experienced practitioner with almost 15 years of experience in the implementation of activities in the field of public affairs and public relations. For over 10 years she has been dealing with communication of the largest infrastructural investments implemented in the energy sector. Since October 2021, she has managed the work of the Communication and Stakeholder Relations Division at Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe [Polish Nuclear Power Plants] - a state-owned company responsible, inter alia, for the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Poland. Previously, for over 6 years at the Gas Transmission Operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. she was responsible for the communication of the company's line investments, including activities with local communities at the stage of design, construction and operation of individual gas pipelines. From 2018, she headed the International Communication Team for the Baltic Pipe project - a key investment for Poland's energy security. While working on the project, she set the directions and standards of operation in the field of international communication related to the implementation of the offshore gas pipeline, in particular in relations with project stakeholders in Scandinavia and on the EU forum, supporting both the investment permit process and the construction of the pipeline which is to be commissioned at the beginning of October 2022. Co-author of numerous studies, training materials and guidelines in the field of a systemic approach to communication activities regarding investments, implementation of a responsible model of social communication and comprehensive management of stakeholders in the construction process, as well as the development of rules for communication with local communities and solving conflicts resulting from the so-called "NIMBY" (Not In My Back Yard) syndrome. She also organized a series of workshops for employees, contractors and subcontractors responsible for the implementation of strategic investments in to the energy sector. A graduate of the International Relations Institute at the University of Warsaw and postgraduate studies in mediation and negotiation at SWPS University

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